CREC History

It was always Old Man Petersen’s dream that all three of his sons (Tony, Peter & Kim) would own a family business one day but sadly, he passed on before his dream for his boys could ever be realised.

Tony (the oldest of the three brothers) was already in KZN when Kim (youngest brother) moved down to KZN from Carletonville in 1984 while Peter (second oldest brother) stayed behind, involved in other business.

That same year, Contact Electrical was born (because the current name was unavailable) but two years later the name Kim really wanted was de-registered and Kim snatched the opportunity to rename his business to Cato Ridge Electrical in 1986.

In 1990 Kim bought his partner out and Peter moved down from Carletonville to join Kim…at least two of the brothers were now united in business with the third brother still out in the cold.

In 1998 after a couple of years of development, the BEE concept was embraced and as an added bonus, Tony then joined the company. Old Man Petersen’s dream and vision had finally become a reality.

In 2006 Dr Ghamiet Aysen bought into and joined the company to add diversity and growth.


CREC was established in 1986 and has grown steadily over the years. Our core business has been in the design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning & maintenance of Electrical Projects. The diversification into the various Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical & other fields and the high quality and standard of workmanship has strengthened our position in the marketplace and has ensured a steady stream of work.

During 2006 Cato Ridge Electrical Construction (Pty) Ltd (CREC) merged with Cato Ridge Electrical CC (which was the original company founded in 1986) to form one company now known as Cato Ridge Electrical Construction (Pty) Ltd, which has been empowered since its registration in 1998.

In 2014 CREC sold off its Manufacturing Division which formed a new entity ‘Voltex MV/LV Solutions’ whereby CREC owns 44% shareholding. The company specializes in Electrical MV/LV Solution manufacturing and is part of the Bidvest Electrical Group.