Embracing Black Economic Empowerment, CREC identified the need to engage in various forms of upliftment. By engaging with the local communities, much needed assistance was offered to those who were previously disadvantaged. A training centre was developed in order to train and develop young people in the area who were seeking employment but did not necessarily have the skills to do the work.

CREC have embraced the seven components of BEE and have adopted training plans to assist these young people, enabling them to enter and move up through the levels of the organisation. Wherever possible, local black businesses have been used to obtain the necessary spares, staff and equipment to carry out CREC’s ever expanding work base. By lending its time, skill and expertise to assisting emerging enterprises, local businesses have benefited from CREC’s involvement.

CREC believes empowerment is not about a number on a certificate, but about meaningful change in the local community, the geographical community and the greater economy of South Africa.

Our BEE Certificate